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Pure fun!

I like your style in the fight scenes... nice to see a random bob/straight-punch exchange from boxing during all that craziness. It was a lot of fun to see these next to each other and it shows what a good hold on the idea of "anticipation before action" you have. Nice!


The good: clicks along at a good pace, well composed shots, readable cuts, action anticipation well executed

The mild: the music got a little intrusive (though I understand how it'd be hard to find the time to find well placed precreated music queues so with that said, you did well with what you had)

The bearable: More than half the fade cuts were a distraction for me. Again I know why you did it and I love to see people testing styles just be aware that maybe they were used to much (depends what others think and the overall consensus was)

Overall it was well paced (on the quick end but for a short this length is worked great), held my attention, made me care to find out what's going to happen, and left me satisfied that I got a little "eye-candy" with the action/fx. Great work and I can't wait to see more! 9/5


This short had it... it was, for lack of a better word, fun! Great stuff

grabbelfant responds:

thanks, i think your review was also... fun.


Great work on this... nice loop... and the pacing of loop is even before the slow-mo as he sprays which works well for a sin effect pace. nice!


The way you show it in the classic NES game style is brilliant! Seriously good job and it's obvious a lot of care went into it. The 8-bit songs you sequenced are PERFECT too by the way... really impressed!


Guy... you're caricatures are fantastic! I probably got a good 20 seconds of laughing on Patrice Oneal's alone. Great work!

JohnnyUtah responds:

thanks bud

Great addition with the narration...

I think the format of this one was very fitting to the series even though it departs a bit from the dialogue free soundtrack of the previous ones. It's very Lord of the Rings esque in the way it catches people up to Bitey's character and fills in parts previously unknown. It's like Bitey's own Batman Begins hahaha!

Great work, Adam!!!

Style + Pacing = Great

Great job putting everything together and making it easily readable while the visuals and story still progress at a good clip. Very talented sense of style and pacing!

Smart in all the right ways

This is a perfect example of a smart parody. Captain Planet, TMNT, and all those great Saturday morning cartoons just came rushing back when I watched this. The best part about it is that this is essentially Alan Moore's worst nightmare which makes it the perfect subject matter to parody. Excellent work!!

Pulling it all together

That was great when you started playing off of Jerry. Very nice callback. I especially liked the scene composition. Great work!

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