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great submission this month! love the character too!

oldmanorange responds:

Thanks a bunch for enjoying! This is another character I've had forever but have yet to use him so far. These little animation battles are perfect for getting the extra ideas finally out.

I love it! And most specifically I absolutely dig your sound design as always

Butzbo responds:

Thanks! it took me a while to find the most suitable alternative for the crab sounds; at the end the main "tac tac" sound was just an edited free sound which was done hitting a coin on a table, hahah!

Love the concept of seeing the Brackenwood world via nature documentary... can't wait for more!

chluaid responds:

thanks man! Prowlies are next :)

great submission!

Great entry! I liked the subtle "whacking" mob-style reference

oldmanorange responds:

Thanks! Yard work meets mobsters. Ha ha.

I love the idea and the gameplay looks solid! I loved A Boy and His Blob and it seems like there's some similar ideas here in the mechanics but that game was really frustrating to learn and this looks smooth as butter. Can't wait to play it!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks!, and woaah I remember trying to play it back then aswell, the concept was cool and pretty novel but it was indeed so odd to play, I just had to try all the 'beans' a few times and then take a guess for the best option, but the music was catchy, hahah! Maybe I should give it another chance sometime...

Haha I love it! Definitely a worst video game (but weirdly I still want to play it... I know I could win!)

Love your style as always, great work!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks man! :)
Maybe there's a hidden way to do a normal jump and at least get past the first obstacle of the game... Now if only I had the manual...

Well done!

oldmanorange responds:

Thanks! Glad to join in on the fun once again. These are great little breaks from my other projects and the 15 sec rule makes for a good challenge.

Excellent! The timing in the cuts between 20-30sec is outstanding... well done!

SamAlbro responds:

Thanks! I knew I had to nail the timing on that section, so I played it over and over in my head until it felt right. Glad you liked it!

Great submission! We'll talk about it on next week's podcast (=

ApertureJam responds:

Thanks man, I always say it but the entries were great and hilarious this month.

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