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I absolutely love the designs and that run cycle at the end is fantastic! Gotta love the puns (= Great job

produde123 responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the character design XD the first time I actually went out of my way to properly design characters.

This is amazing as ever! The signature of your vs series is the cleverness and variety of the gags... great work!

Great work on your submission! I like seeing the extra bit after the 15 seconds

ApertureJam responds:

Thanks Stephen, I originally wanted to make that part a second submission but I didn't have it done on time. :D

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This is so good!! I just spent the last 20 minutes playing it at the coffee shop, I would play this on my phone definitely if it were available. I love the look, mechanics, music, and I had fun exploring! Everything is learned incrementally and really reminded me of dungeon wandering in the old days of Legend of Zelda with the silly/cute feeling of Greendog, the Beached Surfer Dude. Thanks for the throwback!

Butzbo responds:

I have to admit, I had no idea about the Greendog game, what a strange cartoon-esque game, hahah!
But Indeed, I like to think of this game as a throwback to the early-mid 90s console era, where games started to get a lot more colorful, and hidden areas and objects were something to be expected in all of them.
Thanks Stephen!!

Oh man I was so close!! I love the gameplay

Great work everyone! And happy 20th NG!

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hey guys great work! i'm about halfway through and I'm digging it. such a weird topic too because I was JUST talking about this movie. I read the story of what went wrong in its development a while back and it's incredibly fascinating for anyone interested in the making of film. Also, Daredevil. Equally depressing and fascinating

oldmanorange responds:

Thanks for checking out the episode. I'll have to dig more into the Street Fighter movie story. Daredevil has an interesting story too. Good special features on the directors cut, which is a fantastic flick too.

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Love it! Rob looks so buff haha

Love it!!

Can't believe I just saw this on here... I love everything about this thanks for making such great fanart for the show!

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