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You're disgusting... and I love it

YULFO83 responds:

thank you sir.

I really felt the tension!

Good work on the scenes in the bunker. They were paced well and had a real feeling of dread. I didn't fully get the ending but it wasn't enough to undo the rest.... great work! and an interesting departure from your previous work

I love this series!!

It's hit levels of ridiculous popularity but there's no denying how smart it's laid out. There's so many little inside jokes for people that use the programs they come across/go through and the progression of the fight is so smartly used. The mindsweeper scene introducing the threat of the mines with the face turning that O-: face was excellent staging/storytelling. Great gags!

Excellent work Alan

Tap tap...

Very cool idea to have your characters introduce the film... hope it does well on the film fest circuit!

Great work...

... again! I like a strong ending and that was hysterical

Classic feel...

Classic feel but very different at the same time... I love your stuff! I'd love to know more about your process: how long it takes you to pump something like this out and when you find time to do it between work. Fantastic... made a fan out of me


Those all look ridiculously good for averaging 1hr each between them. I fear both your powers and prepare for the reckoning.

Great work! I'm bummed I missed you both on Stickam, I just saw the post about it today; I would've loved to see what kind of workflow you had between the two of you... when things were decided, where you split to do your work, how many times, if any, you crossed paths again before compositing the final product.

Each was unique in feel and tone; a real exhibition of style!

JamesLee responds:

Next time we'll try to make more people aware of it before we start.

There were a few different workflows we took for different segments. Sometimes Hania would start with the music and I'd try to match, other times I'd do the animation and Hania would do the music after.

We had many brief meetings as we went (we were working in the same room), but we tried to keep these as brief as possible. Before we started we had a workflow somewhat planned so that ideas could form as easy as possible. It was very important that Hania created specific moods for each track, so I could more easily visualize a story/setting, without a lengthy discussion of what visuals would suit the music.


I liked it... it was just odd enough and fast paced that it didn't get old, and seeing them at the end in the editing room was a great way to end it.

I really enjoyed it!

Again the thing I look at the most is that it held my attention and it did completely... I wanted to know what was going to happen. If you split these up they could make up the greatest sidescroller cutscreens ever! Seriously, it'd make a great game. I loved the angles you used and I especially liked the muzzle flash from the first duel, that was really great. Great work! And you did this in 18 days you say? Impressive! How many hours did you work in those days?!

I'm not sure what I just watched...

... but I liked it, dammit!! Loved the use of "camera" and the blood splatter effect was well done; it would've been overused if it had a traditional linear storyline because it would've detracted, but the amount of blood-splatter obscuring the screen worked to your advantage with the content you were presenting. Loved the tone, too... very nice work! 9/5

jocki responds:

Love it when people appreciate the small details, so Thank you man! :D

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