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Haha I love it! Definitely a worst video game (but weirdly I still want to play it... I know I could win!)

Love your style as always, great work!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks man! :)
Maybe there's a hidden way to do a normal jump and at least get past the first obstacle of the game... Now if only I had the manual...

Well done!

oldmanorange responds:

Thanks! Glad to join in on the fun once again. These are great little breaks from my other projects and the 15 sec rule makes for a good challenge.

Excellent! The timing in the cuts between 20-30sec is outstanding... well done!

SamAlbro responds:

Thanks! I knew I had to nail the timing on that section, so I played it over and over in my head until it felt right. Glad you liked it!

Great submission! We'll talk about it on next week's podcast (=

ApertureJam responds:

Thanks man, I always say it but the entries were great and hilarious this month.

haha outstanding! poor mars rover-bot. great submission!

oldmanorange responds:

Thanks for enjoying. Glad to join in on the fun.

Well done, looking forward to the next one! Also, having "waffles" as a tag is immediately awesome haha

SamAlbro responds:

Thanks! Next episode closes out the first chapter of the story so far, and is going to challenge me to work on action. And they'll all be tagged with waffles.

Excitement! I dig the way you setup the multi-plane forest... well done, looking forward to see him running through that environment

chluaid responds:

thanks man! Fun scene to do. More than once I hypnotised myself by just scrubbing the timeline back and forth

HAHA I loved the ending! I almost deducted a star for spelling Spider-Man like a last name (Spiderman) but i gave it back because the video made me laugh. Well done and quick turnaround!

YULFO83 responds:

Spiderman would be great last name. there are people with butman as there last name why not spiderman? thanks bud!

Great submission! well done

ApertureJam responds:

Thanks! XD

Good work! Fun having you on the #RubberOnionBattle! Uploaded the full compilation too >> http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/670053

Loved the Caddyshack ref (=

ApertureJam responds:

It was great fun! I'm already putting together some ideas for the February challenge. It will be great to see what everyone comes up with. Some new challengers may even enter the arena.

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