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I absolutely love the designs and that run cycle at the end is fantastic! Gotta love the puns (= Great job

produde123 responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the character design XD the first time I actually went out of my way to properly design characters.

Great work on your submission! I like seeing the extra bit after the 15 seconds

ApertureJam responds:

Thanks Stephen, I originally wanted to make that part a second submission but I didn't have it done on time. :D

That was so great!! Love the effects animation and did I catch a RubberOnion easter egg in there? (= Welcome back to the battles Butzbo!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Stephen!, found enough time to make something on this one :D
Also, I guess its some sort of 'rubberonion' ketchup? hah!

Great submission! I loved seeing you do this live on Twitch!

Rediskot responds:

Thank you :D So happy you could join the stream!

I love seeing these all together!

YULFO83 responds:

Thanks! seeing all the fun characters I created throughout the year the year was great. can't wait to see what wacky ones i come up with for 2017

haha great submission! getting ready for the walking dead? do we have a governor shoutout?

ericpolley responds:

Haha! The easter eggs that should have been. I honestly don't know where this idea came from lol

Awesome submission as always! The character designs are great but it's the morph at the end that I like the most. And I love the fact that you write your own music! Well done!

fluffieDOOM responds:

Thank you Stephen, really struggling to keep positive. Really appreciate your kind words and continued support (of other animators as well as myself)! Did my best as always...but often feel I'm just falling short of some undisclosed 'mark'. Thanks again:-)

Great work and awesome submission to the battle! Love that it was actually a monster that SHOULDN'T have been rejected... fantastic morph into "monster mode" too!

fluffieDOOM responds:

Thank you! Yeah...that transformation took the most time. I think it turned out ok. Looking at it I want to add some more frames but knew I'd miss the deadline so just left it:-D He rejected her before he gave her a chance...welp, he's toothpick fodder now MUAHAHAHAHA!

Great submission! I love the overlapping action of the chewing at the end

AnimationNewborn responds:


love it, great submission!

oldmanorange responds:

Thanks. This was a cool topic to play with. Though a 15 second trailer is a quick spot. Ha ha.

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