Speed Racer & Sonic the Hedgehog Animation

2013-11-25 10:26:11 by rubberonion

I made a new animation! And thanks so much for the Daily 1st!! **EDIT**... and thanks for the FRONT PAGE! I haven't been Front Paged since my first video "Three's Horrible" back in 2008... makes me happy (=


It's been a long road to getting back to Indie animation. Those of you who know (or will soon) I freelance full-time and it's been a very... interesting year. Ultimately, the frustration just pushed me to a breaking point. I had been spending so long doing work for everyone but myself I almost forgot why I started animating in the first place. This latest short may not be my greatest work, but it was fun as hell to work on.

A joke my wife and I were laughing about. A soundtrack that was fun to put together. Art that was beyond nostalgic for me. Including my best friends as voice actors. and finally getting to include one of the many many voicemails my best friend leaves me all the time. Seriously, that voicemail song was not planned at all... he leaves them all the time.

This is the season of Thanksgiving and I couldn't be more thankful for how things have turned out recently. Having this short make it to Daily 1st was a great surprise and all your comments have really picked up my mood. Not to get all sappy over making a stupid nostalgic cartoon parody with a cartoon sex joke... but I feel good. I'm going on vacation now. I'll be back in a week. And then it's back to animating!!

Speed Racer & Sonic the Hedgehog Animation


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2013-11-25 10:58:27

Oh god ezpass. I can only imagine. Where does sonic stick his? O.o on his forehead? And better yet how does he carry it with him, via ancient drug mule smuggling techniques due to a lack of pockets. Oh god the questions.

rubberonion responds:

if tails has a headset on and sonic doesnt, how could they hear each other? doesn't the mach 5 have tire inflators? they truly are the important questions.


2013-11-25 18:48:49

Oh god the twists. Tails and Sonics their telepathy. Then Speed making his woman pick up all the MnM's she spilt below the seat. M. Night Shamalayan stuff going on. Lol. BTW I watched the anim after my last post. T'was glorious.

rubberonion responds:

you're the only one who truly understands me... m&ms are what trixie was retrieving. don't know where all these other guys' heads are (no pun intended... or was it...?)


2013-11-27 04:05:32

Congratulations, dude! You earned it. Keep up the good work! :D

rubberonion responds:

thanks man!


2014-11-15 01:45:46

Just watched the animation, and was thoroughly impressed! But ah, no word from you in just over a year? Still busy freelancing (hope so), and staying sane?

rubberonion responds:

Thanks! Oh man it's been a really busy time for me. I do have an animation podcast that I upload weekly now though if you need your fix haha --> http://www.rubberonion.com/podcast

I have a couple animations that I haven't uploaded to Newgrounds yet so I'm going to do that in the coming weeks. Thanks for the support! (=